“Real generosity toward the future, lies in giving all to the present”

Ma Cherie,

It is with the deepest pride and greatest pleasure that I welcome you to my wonderland. I invite you to pour yourself a cup (or a glass or drink the whole bottle), sit back, relax and enjoy.

Who I am

I am a lover of all things classic, naturally effervescent, and sweet. And of course, life under sunny skies.

I am a dreamer, a storyteller and an adventurer.

I am a free spirit who feels a deep connection to the great Smokey mountains and blue skies of Colorado.

I love to travel, but a sense of home & community keeps me grounded.

I love horseback riding, and I find that adventure opens my heart and nourishes my soul.

I adore the latest technology but value my time out of cell phone range to unplug from the world.

I am a farmer girl who enjoys a drink on the rocks.

I’m just a little spark of madness and youthful passion. 

My Passion

The ability to communicate information that inspires, motivates, or captivates people across the world has fascinated me since the moment I first held a camera. I have a passion for curating a visual rhythm and harmony of authentic, raw, and timeless imagery that inspires and encourages your soul to live that life, the one that gives you breath and takes your breath away.

I want to capture life in its wild and glorious truth.

My hope is to cultivate a shift in the way we sometimes separate our soul, body and mind. For so much of my life, these passions felt like separate pursuits. I am now on a journey to merge my love for culture and community, my lifestyle and spirituality and my yearn to live a more conscious lifestyle into one.


How I see the world!

This world is full of beauty and darkness and through Sense + Wonder, my hope is to connect you with your own sense of wonder, creativity, and to encourage you to be brave with your life by chasing the hidden treasures and believing in the impossible.

Hold my hand, let’s walk together into the beauty of the wilderness, there is so much beauty waiting for us on the other side of our comfort zone.


I always believed that my passion was traveling, since I have been doing so from a very young age. To immerse oneself in an entirely new culture, new environment, and new language, you can open your mind and perspective to new ideologies. I am passionate about increasing both cognitive flexibility and depth and integration of thought. Every time I travel, I become more open-minded and more aware of the significance of a progressive, ever learning mind.

I am always open to traveling, so don’t be afraid to ask.

xoxo Phoebe

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